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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A disappointing year for the garden...

Back in June & July & even August...I had such high hopes for our little garden.  It showed such promise.  We'd go out & pick some jalapenos or leeks or green onions as we needed them...but there weren't many ready at the same time.  Then our summer turned colder & wet...and our little garden didn't like that.  So it stopped producing.  The other day I decided to pick what I could from the jalapeno plants & the tomatillo.  That's most of the harvest above...on a small platter that is only about 9" across. 
Oh...the empty husk above from the tomatillo is because Peanut brought it to me that evening...just the husk.  Notice the tooth marks.  Turns out Fluff was using the tomatillo as a soccer ball.  Silly cats!
The large pepper is the pimento...and I found a few more jalapenos, too.  I figure I got maybe 2 dozen jalapeños off of 6 plants...in the past I got more from one or 2 plants.  They prefer hot weather...not the cooler than normal summer we had.
We'll still get some Brussels sprouts...but not many...and will pull up all the leeks & green onions this weekend.  It's time to call it a year & try again next year for a more fruitful garden.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. The only thing good about this summer was I didn't have to water things as much and we didn't have the 90 degree weather. My flowers were outstanding this year so they obviously loved all the rain.


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