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Friday, January 9, 2015

Chionophobia and Cryophobia

This ugly pic is from March 29, 2014.  I can't even bring myself to take pix of the white shit anymore.  We've had a horrific week of dangerously cold temps but luckily not too much snow...just about 5" or so...which is 5" too much for me. 

I'm terrified of this extreme cold...temps below zero & wind chills taking it to -30.  Luckily I don't have to go out in it, as my lungs would immediately spasm & I'd end up in the hospital.  But Phil has to go out & I'm just worried to death until he gets back home again.  I also worry that so much snow will fall that he can't get into the driveway...which has happened too many times.

There is a local weather guy who has been on TV forever & he was talking about Chionophobia.  That's an extreme fear of the snow.  I looked into it further & there is also Cryophobia.  That's an extreme fear of cold, ice or frost.  Check & check...both of them are ME.

The recommendation for overcoming these fears?  Well, the one that makes most sense it that people who have these should move to warmer climates.  No shit, Sherlock!!!

Now to figure out how to get back to Southern CA...where winter looks like this...snow on the mountains ONLY...where it belongs!
Here's hoping this winter doesn't drag on as long as last winter did.  If you're suffering along with me...keep warm...and think about sunshine & 70 degree temps.  If you're in Southern CA...send some of that sunshine & those warm Pacific breezes.  We need it!

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