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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I can share this now...

I'm a member of a wonderful year long swap hosted by Linda at A Swap for All Seasons.  The swap is for 4" x 6" fabric banners...no glue allowed...all stitched together.  My kind of swap for sure.  Each month we will get one partner to send to & we'll receive a banner from a different partner.  For January I was lucky enough to send to Patty in Oz...she lives in Kansas & while I was tempted to do something with the Wizard of Oz...I decided that since the January banner would arrive late January or early February...I'd go with hearts & flowers. 
When I create just about anything, I pull out things from my stash that I think would work...then I have to have them laying around for awhile to see what inspires me the most.  Once I found this heart applique that's probably from the 1960s or 1970s...I knew I had found the focal point for this banner.  I hand stitched the applique to a piece of some 1970s era quilted fabric with the sweet Valentine's motif.  All the ribbon & lace & other trim I used was from my stash.  I need to confess...I have way over the legal limit of Valentine's fabric.  I didn't realize how much I had until I started pulling it out.  Oh well...fabric doesn't eat anything...so it can stick around.
I added that cute little rose applique to the heart....and sewed on some faux pearls & crystal beads for some texture & sparkle.  I love little details like that.
Of course, the back of the banner needed some love, too.  I made a little label so Patty would remember who created her banner...and you can't really see it here, but the heart charm says "Hand Made With Love".  I have enough of those to use throughout the year.
When Linda invited me to be part of this swap I knew it would be fun...and a bit of a challenge since 4" x 6" is pretty small.  So far I'm loving it...and we already have our partners for February...and I've pulled out another pile of fabric & trims for that one.  I'll post again after I receive my January banner...it won't be long now.  Be sure to visit Patty's blog to see the beautiful pix she took of her banner...I'm thrilled she liked it.


  1. Hi Debbie!
    Your sampler is darling. I adore all the heart images. I wish I had put a personalization on the back - I only put my initials and the year WAH! I will do better next time after seeing yours. (And I got a big smile and a little giggle when I opened up your page --- our samplers are so much alike, too funny! You can see mine on my current blog post or on my FB page - are you on FB?)
    Happy stitching!

  2. This is adorable! It makes me smile because my Grandma had small (about 12x12) banners that hung on her apartment door that we changed every month. It was so fun! - Hugs - Donna

  3. Debbie I adore your sweet Hearts banner. This ASFAS is sew much fun. I have now completed January and February. Creative Banner Bliss...

  4. LOVE your banner, Debbie! Perfection!

  5. LOVE your banner, Debbie! Perfection!


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