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Monday, January 19, 2015

Such a Deal!

Over the holidays some of my favorite on-line quilting shops had fantastic one day deals.  The lovely jelly roll above is one of my favorite deals.  I still haven't sewn up the Rambling Rose one I got for my birthday...but once the last few Christmas gifts are completed, I'll get going on some quilts for me.  I've just ordered the backing & some border & binding fabric for both the Rambling Rose & this Somerset quilt...so I'll definitely have no excuse to let them sit too long.

The colors here are not ones I normally go for...but somehow I love them in this collection.  The coral, orange, greens, browns & aqua are just so pretty together.

I've chosen one of those acid green prints for the backing on my quilt.  I haven't quite decided on the border...if there is one...and the binding, but the backing is the most major expense & that's on it's way to me right now.  I found those fabrics on sale, too...I couldn't pass them up.  This coming week will be a good one for getting fabric in the mail...yea!
And...drumroll please...the hand quilting on the gift quilt I've been working on since October is DONE!  Now I just have to trim the edges, measure & get binding cut & sewn on.  I'm planning to finish it all this week...and after I know it has arrived at it's destination, I can finally share it with you here.  I can't wait...I love this quilt & will make a similar one for us later in the year.
I have another little project to share...hopefully soon...it goes into the mail tomorrow.  Until then...have a great week & keep warm.  Remember...those of you in Southern CA still need to send me some sunshine, warm Pacific breezes & heat!

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