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Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Fabric Banner Swap

Today's mail brought my mini banner from my partner Joy, who also lives in Ohio...not far from me actually.  She knows that winter is not a favorite of mine, so she went with a lovely pink theme for my banner.  I love it!  The little crocheted doily is so cute & the lace flower is the perfect reminder that spring is getting closer to us each day.  Joy added touches of embroidery & some pretty pink beads, too...as well as some of the pink ribbon I sent to her in a swap last year. 
You can see the details here.  I love hand stitching & the bits of embroidery & embellishment here are so sweet. 
Even the back of her little banner says spring to me...I can hardly wait until we'll have flowers & greenery outside instead of the dead looking trees & snow we have now. 
I'm lucky to be able to mail to Joy for our February swap...I'm already pulling out fabric & trims to inspire me.  You can read about our swap here at A Swap for All Seasons
Thanks so much Joy...you made my day so much brighter!!!


  1. Happy to see this Flowery Banner you have received. I really like the freedom of this ASFAS. Creative Banner Bliss...

  2. Simple and sweet, just my style! I love it!

  3. Hi, Debbie! Sorry I didn't visit here sooner! I am happy you like your little banner. As I look at it, it seems a bit amateur-ish. But, I did have fun making it and hope I will get better with this small format as the year goes along!


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