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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Happy Happy 55th Birthday to my Baby Brother, Bob!

It's hard to believe, but the cute little guy above is 55 years old today.  There are just the 2 of us kids in the family...and I was the first born.  Bob followed about three & a half years later. 
Now, it was no secret around here that I wanted a baby SISTER.  As the story goes, the day they brought Bob home from the hospital, I threw a temper tantrum & threw myself against the front door to block him coming in here.  Somehow, I never questioned that story!  Sounds like something this little Prima Donna of a formerly Only Child would do.  My Grandma had to pull me away from the door so Mom & Dad could bring Bob inside.  That's my maternal Grandma above...holding Bob...and you see I had to hog a lot of the picture.  Either I'm happy or screaming...it's hard to tell. 

As the years went on, it turned out that having a kid brother could be quite useful.  I was skillful at getting him in trouble...he got blamed for a lot of stuff I did because, well, I told them "Bob did it!". 
How could that angelic little Debbie do all those things?  heheheheeeeee!!!

Grandma lived with us & after she died & I moved into her room to have a room of my own, my secret was revealed.  One of my favorite ways to get Bob in trouble was that since we were in the same room, I'd sing in bed & tell stories to keep us both awake...I've always been a night person.  Mom or Dad would holler for us to shut up & go to sleep & my standard answer was "Bob's keeping me awake!"  Well, the first night he had the room alone, he went to bed & fell right asleep.  As you can guess...I was the one still awake & talking & singing hours later...to myself...and my secret was out. 

Now that we're older & both out on our own...I can't get Bob into trouble any longer. 
I kinda miss doing that!

Happy Birthday, Bobadillo!  May you enjoy many many more in the years to come.


  1. What a super story! Hope your brother had a great birthday!

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  3. Hey Helene...
    I'm sure Bob had a good birthday, even though he had to work that night. When I talked to him, his wife had just come home with ribs from their favorite BBQ joint...so a good dinner was definitely part of the celebration.(I'm reposting this...way too many typos in the first one!)

  4. I love it!

    Blocking the door?! Bwahahaha! Nicely done, Kitten.

    :o) Melody


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