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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More pretty ribbons...

So...one day I was talking to my my dear friend, Tracy...who has no blog, even though she's an amazing artist & should have one...***hint...hint...hint***

Anyway...Tracy was saying she wanted to find some 1/4" ribbon like the 1/2" ribbon that we've been dyeing.  Tracy also dyes ribbons & hers are completely different from mine, which is lots of fun & shows the diversity of an art supply in the hands of 2 different people.  Well, I ordered some 1/4" rayon ribbon...and now need to order more as that first 100 yards was dyed up in an evening.  The thinner ribbon is more expensive than the wider stuff...but it is just as much fun to play with.
Of course, I had to wind some of the ribbon onto some vintage spools that were hiding in a big old oatmeal container that I got from my grandparents' basement...complete with the spools inside.

The ribbons at the top & below are looped onto a "bone" ring...one of the many old sewing & crochet supplies I have around here...they are just so pretty to look at.
Right now, I'm enjoying just having my newest ribbons sitting around in my studio...and I'm contemplating adding some to my Etsy shop...although they would need to be at a higher pricepoint than my original ribbons.  What do you think?  I'm thinking I need to order some more ribbon!


  1. Ooh, love the ribbon wound onto the vintage spools! Must-restrain-self. Must-not-buy-more-art-supplies!

    I agree - Tracy should definitely get an Etsy shop going!

  2. These are looking so cool! Love the colors! They really look cool on the spools - works of art just like that. Should be displayed on a shelf.

  3. Debbie, I want those first three colors! Put them on Etsy already!


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