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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

No, this isn't a Christmas tree that is still up.  This is our faux palm tree that resides in our living room year round.  I tried to get pix of the entire tree, but with gloomy Ohio days, they simply did not turn out.  So here is a snippet of what our Palm tree looks like this Easter.

The pink flamingo is a Parma joke...because back in the 50s-60s, so many people here had those plastic pink flamingoes in their front yard.  My dear friend Kimber sent it to me one Christmas & it's one of the only ornaments that is lightweight enough for the branches on this tree.  I love the big round multi-color lights on the palm tree, and some spring cleaning unearthed a stash of plastic eggs that Mom had purchased who-knows-when.  These eggs actually had a small hole in the top of each one, so I strung some linen thread into them, making a hanging loop.  Added a layer of torn bits of kraft colored tissue paper, adhered with fluid matte medium...and painted the eggs in bright colors.  Then they needed polka dots...so a sponge dauber did the trick.  My idea of decorating for Easter is done!

I wish y'all a Happy Easter...may the Easter Bunny bring you a basket of sweet treats!

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  1. And a happy one back to you! The eggs make me feel HaPpY!


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