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Friday, April 29, 2011

So did you watch the Royal Wedding?

I did...and I thought Kate...oops...Catherine...looked quite beautiful & elegant.  A gorgeous gown fit for a Princess.  Two kisses on the balcony...apparently a first for the Royals...definitely a new generation of the British Monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth looked great in her yellow ensemble.  Someone on CNN called the color Marigold.  A yummy buttery yellow to my eye...I think of more fiery hot yellow to orange & red shades for marigolds.  Gotta love her matching hat, too!

Speaking of hats...oh good grief...so many hats!  Some of them seemed to defy gravity...they must have been pinned on with a ton of pins.  I wonder if the women at the Kentucky Derby will be copying any of them.

I had some friends here with me as I watched the wedding...
Little Taco...in the back...all gray with a touch of taupe...& Sweet Churro...gray & white with little touches of taupe.  Rescued Tuesday evening...and going to the shelter to meet up with their foster Mom this afternoon.  We can't keep these sweeties as our little old lady Sophie Cat is quite upset by their presence...but it's been an adventure to care for them this short while.  More on them soon.

Phil slept through the wedding...I was the one cuddling these kittens who were sort of sleeping in my arms...they were the perfect wedding guests.

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