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Sunday, June 9, 2013


We FINALLY had a nice day here in Parma, OH.  It's been a cold start to the summer...we even had to turn the furnace on a couple days ago to get rid of the damp cold in the house.  Yesterday was too gloomy & cold for us to go to the Parma Rib & Rock...an annual rib cook-off here.  Today was just right...so we go right in  to the cook-off & stop for a beer...unfortunately it's Budweiser...but you've gotta have a beer with good BBQ.  Then we walk past all the other places & stand in line at the BEST place...Texas Pit Barbecue from Magnolia, TX.  We've tried the others in the past, but this one is by far the best.  We lived in Dallas, TX for a couple years & grew to love good TX BBQ.  I know other places do their version, but to us, the stuff from TX is always our choice.  We each got a beef brisket sandwich...one of the few times per year that I eat beef...and it was perfection in a bun.  With just a touch of their hot & spicy sauce & some dill pickle chips...we were happy campers.
Next weekend there's a German-American festival near us...we've never checked it out, but if the weather is nice, we just might have to give that a try.  We had a favorite German restaurant in CA...Gustav's Jagerhaus in Anaheim, CA.  I'm part Austrian & German, so we've always liked good German food...and, of course, the beer! 
It's fun to check out the summertime festivals here...as long as it's not raining.  I'm not about to stand outside trying to eat in the rain...I got spoiled in Southern CA for sure...and I liked it!
Now to go have some of the bag of Kettle Corn we got on the way out...yum!

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