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Monday, June 24, 2013

Check this out...

You might remember that I've mentioned Melody & her Bits & Pieces Art Program before.  Well, through that program, Mel teaches art journaling to at risk kids in Southern CA...and gives them journals & supplies to do so.  As we all know, funding cuts have taken the arts out of many public school programs...so what Melody is doing is quite a gift.

At the end of each school year, the students have an art show...to display their journals for all to see.  What fun that must be for them...almost as much fun as playing in their journals.  Here is a link to this year's shows...so much talent revealed because of Melody's efforts & generous contributions from people like you. 

I'll be coming back to you again...reminding you of Melody's supply drive for next year's students.  With the success of her program, the principals have asked if she could teach more kids...so she will need more supplies.  She's having her art supply drive in August & September...but she happily accepts donations all year long.  I have a large flat rate box going for her right now...as I clean through my studio, it's easy to add in things I know I don't need any longer...and when it's full, I'll send it out to the Left Coast.  I keep thinking it's really a shame we don't still live out there...for many reasons...but I could just have Mel come over to visit & drive off with her car full of fun stuff.  But I still do what I can...I'm not good around kids, but I'm good at contributing supplies so they can see the fun & life altering benefits of ART. 

Thanks for all you do, Melody...and keep up the good work.  Love ya!



  1. Thanks for posting the link, Debbie - it was fun to look at their work!

  2. Hey there stranger! I was hoping you would stop by to my post on Parma, I still have a lot of those items you sent me, have you cleaned out that basement yet????? I think of you so often....:):) It is going to be 110 here today...

  3. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, Debbie! I love you bunches, and appreciate your generosity. :)


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