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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out of control...and loving it!

It's no secret that I'm addicted to washi tape.  I love the stuff.  I use it when wrapping my Etsy orders...in my journals...on greeting cards...and to embellish just about anything that it will stick to.  So when I go to Michaels looking for the Sanford Sharpie Water Based Paint Pens that Kelly Kilmer blogged about...and end up with just one set of the pens but multiple rolls of washi tape...ON CLEARANCE...it makes for a happy day!  The bonus here is that these are the wider tapes...which I didn't have many of...and they're very good quality.  It's my first experience with Michaels Recollections line of washi tape & I'm thrilled with how nice they are.  Some washi doesn't stick as well as others, but these are first class.  The top 2 rows are actually the same roll...I love the text & postage stamps & birds on it.  I got a couple of the thinner rolls of tape, too...I just didn't scan those in. 
These are another recent acquisition...from an Etsy shop called WashiTape...it's part of the PrettyTape shop.  This set is called Summer Love & it's so nice & does remind me of Summer. 
I have a few more rolls on order from my go-to-for-most-tape shop, mechakucha.  It takes a bit longer for her to ship as she's been overwhelmed with orders, but her tape & stuff is always well worth waiting for.  I'll share those tapes once they arrive. 
For now I think I hear my art journal calling!


  1. Darn you would have to go and post not one, but two great sites for washi tape! I've been trying to avoid this stuff but can see it's hopeless :) On to joining you in the 'out of control' club. I want to see journal pics!

  2. You are out of control with this like I am with doll patterns!

  3. Like I need any help spending money - but I do love that tape!

  4. Ooooh love the washi tapes! BTW the one with the birds and stamps is so very Kimber - I am sure she is enabling from her happy place lol.


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