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Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad...

This is an all time favorite picture of My Dad...seemingly restraining me as my Mom took our picture at the Zoo.  Don't you love my high-water pants pulled up way above my waist?   Always the fashion icon...that's me.  My brother Bob is probably around 2 here...from what I remember he was 3 feet tall by the age of 2.  That puts this pic in the 1958 range...looks about right...all in black & white film.
We always went on family vacations & weekend or day trips.  We didn't stay in fancy hotels...it was motels where you parked right in front of your room.  There was always a cooler with soda & sandwiches & fruit for snacks along the way.  No fancy restaurants, either...but we had FUN & that's what it's all about.
Here's to my Dad...who died too soon at the age of 66...and to all the Dads out there...

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