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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Too much fun!

OK...so I said I'd stop, but I couldn't resist this tape set.  First...there are BEARS on one roll.  Phil is like a big cuddly teddy bear& he has a favorite saying "Don't poke the bear!"...which simply means...
don't get him angry!  Then...there are bunnies & squirrels...and everyone is dancing!  I mean...what's not to like, right?  At first I was looking for just the one with the bears, but then I saw the set & saw that you could layer the two to have everyone dancing together...and I had to have them both.  It arrived the other day from another great Etsy shop...The Washi Shop

I also got this set from her...
It's so different from other florals or black & red tape I already had...so it jumped right into my cart. 
Now I THINK I'm done for awhile...at least until I have some nice sales in my Etsy shop...or until I see something I simply cannot resist.  Gotta go work in my journals & play with some of this tape. 
Have a great weekend.

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