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Monday, July 29, 2013

And the winner is...

Drumroll please...Peggy Parker!!!!
  Peggy...please email me privately with your mailing address & I'll get your tape into the mail.
Thanks to everyone who left comments & entered my giveaway.  I sent Nancy at MechaKucha808 a link to my blog post so she could see all of your comments & ideas.  Who knows...one day you might just see what you're looking for in her shop.  BTW...some of the tape requested is currently available...be sure to look here...MechaKucha808.   

Now I'm headed back to my studio...I've been dyeing tags & ribbon all weekend and now I need to get it packaged up & into my shop.  I have some of the bright colors & some awesome deep rich Autumn colors, too...I'll post here when they're available. 

If  you see me out & about...I'm the one with the multi colored hands!

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