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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why my hands are all sorts of colors...

Aubergine...Indigo...Pesto...lots of new tag & ribbon colors have been inhabiting my studio & kitchen over the past week or so.  At various times my hands have been these colors, too...I hate wearing gloves & having colorful hands is just part of me.  If it's not dye, it's ink...or paint...those who know me best understand.  And as long as there's food in her bowl, Sunny Cat doesn't care!
Pesto...Ginger...Raisin...I've been dyeing bright colors for so long that I forgot how much I like these rich, muted colors.  They're even better in person...I tried, but the camera just doesn't quite capture them exactly.
Walnut...Pumpkin...Goldenrod...and even more colors are in the works.  Cranberry is drying right now...so who knows how that will match up.  These colors are almost luring me to bake something...almost.
Just in case you can use some pretty hand dyed tags & ribbon, I've added these & more to my shop.  I've enjoyed all the mess of dyeing them...you can have the fun of using them.  You can visit me at KittenCreates on Etsy.  Many thanks if you do...or just for looking at all the fun I'm having here on my little blog.

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  1. Oh I love all the colors! I'm with you, I can't wear gloves!


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