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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In Memory of our Sophie Cat

It has been two years now since we had to make the painful but merciful decision to let our dear Sophie Cat go to The Great Kitty Beyond.  She was our loving companion for 14 years & since she was probably 3 or 4 when she picked us out at the shelter, she lived a good, long life.  A very VERY spoiled life, for sure.
I had a favorite footie of Sophie's that you can see in this pic...it's that back right one with the little black dot on the white part.  It was like someone took a Sharpie & marked that footie as the best one.  Unfortunately, that's the leg that shattered when she tried to jump & the x-rays revealed cancer in her bones...and throughout her little body...so they could not be repaired. 
Sophie definitely picked us out at the shelter in Dallas.  There was a cat room & as we walked around it, she kept following us & nuzzling into my hand.  There was no other decision...Sophie came home with us.  She was my carry on "luggage" when we moved from Dallas to Southern CA.  She rode in her cat carrier on my lap on our drive from CA to OH...watching the sights out the window when she was awake.  Sophie was a very well traveled kitty. 
So here's to all the great years we had with our Sophie Cat...she was one of a kind...with a definite "Cattitude".  We miss you, Sweetie...and Sunny Cat is now keeping us in our places with HER cattitude!



  1. Hugs and love sweetheart...she's purring for you :)

  2. She was a beauty. Our two pooches crossed the bridge. As much as I love Brandy, I miss Bonnie and Patches.

  3. Thanks everyone...Sophie was special as she was my first cat & our first cat together. We dearly love our Sunny Cat & she fills our home with love...but there will always be a place in our hearts for Ms. Sophie.


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