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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Creating in the kitchen...

These beauties are straight out of our container garden on the back driveway...you've gotta love fresh radishes that you've grown yourself.  We've enjoyed them in salads, but radishes really make me crave Mexican food...of course, lots of things make me crave Mexican food, but I digress. 
We also have these gorgeous specimens...straight from Saturday's trip to the Farmer's Market.  They actually taste like tomatoes...REAL tomatoes...be still my heart!
So...with a few other ingredients like fresh jalapeno, red onion, cilantro & lemon juice since I didn't have a lime...I whipped this up just a bit ago...
Nice, fresh Pico de Gallo...the perfect topping for the tacos that are planned for dinner tonight...I'm a happy camper!
To see what else I was inspired to create with those tomatoes...head over to my very neglected food blog...Kitten Cooks.  I'll give you a hint...there was bacon involved!

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