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Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Arrivals in my Etsy Shop

I've been busy creating some new stuff & destashing my studio.  That studio is a never ending project, but I've got some new items for sale at very good prices. 
The journal or blank book above is one I altered from a Canson blank book.  The paper inside is blank, but I've added endpapers to the front & back and embellished the cover with some of the inchies I've created over the years.  I love how they look in a grid like this...maybe you will, too.   You can see what I've done here.
I found beaded trim that I had extra packages of...a few different ones.  I like to cut these apart to use the beads when making charms or bracelets.
Of course I have stamps to offer...some gently used & others are brand new...never used...time to destash so maybe someone else will use them.
Have you thought about Christmas yet?  I know...I know...but it's July already...time to start creating. 
This is just a part of what I've listed recently.  I'd love it if you'd stop in my shop to look around.  You'll find me on Etsy as KittenCreates.  Thanks so much!

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