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Monday, September 15, 2014

Flowers on Sunday

It was a miracle here in Cleveland, OH yesterday...the Cleveland Browns actually won a game!  AND it was the home opener...they haven't won a home opener since 2004.  Let's hope they keep in the winning column...I get a lot of slow stitching done while football is on the TV. 

Two of these were actually done during the week...but these 5 flowers bring my count to 55 if my math is right & if I wrote down all of them along the way.  Each flower brings me a little closer to my goal of finally finishing this quilt started back in the 1970s. 
I also worked on a couple more things for gifts...but I can't share those yet.  I did share this pretty little pincushion which is already getting good use.  In a couple weeks I'll have more pix to show.
I finally figured out what to make with some faux starfish I picked up in the dollar bins at Michael's...probably 2-3 years ago.  I painted them with some pearl paint, then wrapped some rose gold colored wire around to make a hanger...then got our the Glossy Accents & a jar of small pearls & started gluing them on to hide the wire.
I think it turned out really well...even though a lot of the wire is still visible.  Once it's hanging on the tree, it really won't matter.  That is IF we get to put up a tree this year...the furry kids are still climbing the curtains...so we may have to wait another year before it's safe to get out the tree again. 
I'm sharing this at Kathy's Sunday Slow Stitching...there are lots of links there for you to visit to see what others have been up to.  I need to get busy on some quick machine stitched quilts, too...it's only the middle of September & I woke up at 3am trying to breathe...it was only 60 degrees inside the house...40s outside...so I turned on the furnace to warm up the air a bit.  Asthma and cold air don't mix...I hope this isn't a sign of what the winter will be like.  I can't stand cold weather.  Have I told you lately just how much I hate living in Ohio???


  1. Your Flower Garden blocks are very cute with those 30s fabrics and look like mine, only that around the center hexagone I used plain fabrics. And your pincushion is very pretty!

  2. I love these retro fabrics :)

    Pretty pin cushion too..saw the older post : )

  3. Love the new flower blocks! Football season is the perfect time for slow stitching!

  4. I love your flowers. Every time I see a quilt like this it reminds me of the grandmother's flower garden quilt my grandmother really did make in the 1930s. This will be beautiful.


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