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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pretty Little Pincushion

I can share this now because my cyber friend Joy received it yesterday.  I've been buying lots of 1930s prints for my quilt from Joy's eBay shop.  Joy & I have been emailing back & forth and she mentioned how much she likes lavender prints.  All of the prints above...except for the little daisy print on the left are ones I've purchased from her.  I always have scraps left from cutting out my hexies...and I think these all came together in a lovely way.

I've been making these pincushions since the 1970s.  Back then I went on vacation to New England...and in a little shop on Cape Cod I bought another pincushion that was filled with sand from the beach in Cape Cod.  I loved that idea...but since I'm not sure the sands of the beach at Lake Erie have as much charm as the sand from Cape Cod...I just bought sand to fill my pincushions.  I have a bunch of these that I've been using since the 70s...I like how the point of the fan fits into the corner of a box when I've got some small projects in process. 
I have some of these little beauties for sale in my Etsy shop...and I've been adding other items to my shop, too.  I even have a couple quilt kits that were my Mom's that I'll never complete...one may just appeal to you!
This one is a queen/king applique quilt...still sealed in the original package.  This makes the quilt top only...you'll still need the backing & batting.
This one is for a double bed...cross stitch is just not my favorite but this is a pretty quilt if that's your style.  The kit has the quilt top only...you'll need floss & the batting & backing to finish it.  It has a certain 1950s appeal.  Both quilt kits are priced to sell.
I'd love to have you visit...and you can use the discount code BLOG10 to save 10% on your order before shipping.  You need to enter the code at checkout...I can't go back & apply it later. 
Fall is definitely in the air here...these would be good projects for the cold nights to come.
Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Your pincushion is darling Debbie! How fun to have gotten one from Cape Cod, I've never heard of using sand as stuffing. What a sweet reminder of your visit.

    Happy weekend!


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