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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not much slow stitching this week...

Well...honestly I have done some more stitching this week...but it's all for gifts that have not been mailed yet...so I can't share pix yet.  I did manage to get this pretty green & pink flower done...I love that pink bunny fabric.
Alice in Wonderland surrounds these funky shapes on the turquoise fabric...gotta love anything Alice in Wonderland. 
I had lots of help from Fluff here...he loves "helping" by draping his body over my hands as I try to type...but there's no resisting that face.
Today is the first Sunday of FOOTBALL season...so I'll be in my studio...with the games on...and piecing some more hexies.  I can rarely just sit & watch TV...so hopefully I'll have lots of pretty flowers to share here next week.
I'm linking up at Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday again...be sure to check out what all the others are sharing when you visit. 


  1. I am thrilled football is starting too! I seem to sew much more during the season. I guess keeping my hands busy while I watch. Enjoy the games!

  2. Pretty flowers. I like to work on the hexies while watching t.v. as well...and I have a cat that looks an awful lot like yours. Mines a bit more whte

  3. Kitties are sew helpful. Lovely hexie flowers dear. Creative Bliss...

  4. Keep sewing! Even slow progress is progress! nice flowers!

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Love watching your hexies grow! How fun to have Fluff to supervise and give advice, such a cutie kitty pie.
    Happy week to you!

  6. Love the fun fabrics you are using. Hexie making while watching tv is a great way to spend time.

  7. Cute cat, i love their company too!


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