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Monday, September 22, 2014

Still Slow Stitching

I'm really loving football season this year.  The Cleveland Browns lost yesterday...in the last 4 seconds of the game.  They are actually playing football this year...that hasn't happened in a long time!  We may finally have a team here.  I'm still a San Diego Chargers fan...but the Browns get my attention & cheers this year, too.
I can't just sit & watch anything...it used to drive my Mom crazy when I'd visit. 
I got these 3 flowers finished during the games yesterday...and made a couple centers, too. 
I'm happy with my progress here...and there's Monday Night Football, of course.  I have some flowers ready to piece during that game...I don't even know who's playing...it doesn't really matter. 
Last week was rather traumatic...my old sewing machine died.  It's a White portable that I bought right out of college in the 1970s.  The motor froze up...and I fear repairing it would be more expensive than investing in a new machine.  So...I went online & ordered a new sewing machine from Target.  It arrived on Friday...FAST shipping...and I'm playing with it to see how it works.  It's a very basic machine, which is all I need.  I'll share pix of her soon. 
I'm linking up with Kathy & other slow stitching enthusiasts here...be sure to visit to see some amazing works of fiber art.


  1. Love your hexies! It's what I'm working on right now. ;-) I can't sit and watch much TV without working on something - especially if it's sports on TV (we're big fans of baseball ... I love hockey, too). There are enough replays if I happen to miss something exciting. ;-)

  2. Your flower hexies are beautiful. I hate to sit and watch TV and have idle hands...however Mr. C requires complete darkness while watching TV so no busy hands for me. Enjoy your football...

  3. Your flowers are fantastic. Isn't it amazing how many different 1930's prints are out there. I have a lot and none are the same as the ones you have shown. I'm really loving the hexies from these prints. Maybe we could swap some fabrics for more variety.

  4. These are so pretty Debbie! I love the fabrics.

  5. Hi Debbie!
    Oh no! So sorry to hear your sewing machine passed away. :( I learned to sew as a child on my mom's Singer Featherweight but when I was 22 she bought me my own Singer, and I still have it - so it would be around the age yours was.
    I have my grandma's enormous old Singer (that began life as a treadle machine and later changed to a portable), my mom's Featherweight and my basic Singer from 1976 --- and I find myself longing for one with all the bells and whistles.
    Happy almost weekend! Enjoy your football and new machine!


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